May 5, 2016

About Drag Daddy’s Garage

IMG_0846Drag Daddy’s Garage was created in 2015 with the desire to put Monster/Drag art in as many different venues as possible. The first official vendor event was in March 2016 at the Famoso Racetrack. Drag Daddy’s Garage has been attending Nostalgia Drag racing events throughout California and the mid-west. You can purchase custom Drag Daddy’s art, t-shirts, decals, hats and other items at the events or directly through this website.
Ben and Joe grew up just 30 minutes from the historic drag racing track called “Famoso”. Being only 2 years apart in age, they hung out a lot together as brothers do. Later in life they even worked together for a few years in construction. As they got older they took different paths in the trade, but always stayed close. Ben and Joe decided in 2015 to reunite for something they’re both passionate about; “Nostalgia Drag Racing” and the “Custom Culture” world of Monsters and Drag Racing. “We are proud to carry on a tradition that has touched many people over the years, and Drag Daddy’s Garage is the perfect venue to do just that.”


3 Bens pic 1516““I am just an old drywall guy that likes to draw. I am nothing special.” ~ Ben Mitchell
Ben is genuinely passionate about drawing his unique style of “Rat Fink” like cartoons with his own custom spin on it. The “Drag Daddy” spin!!! His preference for designing his art is good ol’ Sharpie pens. Some of Ben’s “monsters” have been featured in magazines in the United States, as well as Germany, France, and Finland. He has also designed and created many of the cartoons and artwork in the newly revived “CARTOONS” Magazine. Ben is the most humble guy you will ever meet. He has said “If I was rich I’d be poor,” and this rings true as he is always giving away his art and monster coloring books to children at every show he attends. The idea of combining Monsters and Dragsters was a collaborative idea between him and his younger brother Joe many years ago.


1 Joe pic 1516“I’ve always loved fast cars and loud engines.” ~Joe Mitchell
From a very young age, Joe has always been crazy about old muscle cars. He has stated that although he can appreciate all makes and models of good ol’ American muscle, he has a soft spot for Mopars and Chevys. He owns a 1966 Big Block El Camino with a license plate that reads “Since 18”….. as that is how long he has had it! He also has a blown big block 1969 Camaro, as well as a 1965 blown injected Plymouth Belvedere. If you see him out cruising the streets of northern California, chances are he’s in his 1969 Roadrunner or his 1970 Plymouth Superbird. After spending almost four decades in the construction trades, Joe realized it was time to close that chapter in his life and open a new one. “Being reunited with my brother Ben has been a blessing, and I look forward to our new career path together.”

“I think God has put us on this path together to continue to help promote the Nostalgia Drags and Custom Culture life that has touched so many people over the years and Drag Daddy’s Garage is the perfect venue to do just that.”